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‘Rogue landlords put renters’ health at risk’

Research from housing charity Shelter found that the health of renters is being put at risk as rogue landlords fail to carry out repairs.

It also found that 10% of renting parents said this had affected their children’s health.  Shelter is warning that a minority of rogue landlords who are failing to meet their responsibilities to keep their properties in a decent state of repair are putting renters and their families at risk.

The research found that more than a third (35%) of renting families have a problem with damp in their homes, while nearly one in five (17%) have a leaky roof or windows and one in eleven (9%) are living in a home with electrical hazards. Figures from the English Housing Survey also show that more than a third (35%) of privately rented homes failed the Government’s Decent Homes Standard.

As part of its Evict Rogue Landlords campaign the charity is calling on local councils to sign up to a commitment to do all they can to stamp out rogue landlords in their area. Figures obtained by Shelter under the Freedom of Information Act also show that almost one in six councils across England said that the behaviour or neglect of private landlords had required the involvement of health services.

Shelter’s chief executive Campbell Robb said: “Home should be a place where you are safe from harm, yet right now thousands of families are being forced to live in places where their health is at risk because of rogue landlords failing to carry out their responsibilities.

“We hear from parents up and down the country who are living with the terrible knowledge that damp or an electrical hazard could pose serious health risks to their child, but are powerless to do anything about it as their landlords ignore their complaints. This has to stop. The nine million renters in this country deserve better.

“Many local councils have already joined Shelter in committing to stamp out rogue landlords, but hundreds more have yet to do the same. We’re urging those who remain to act now to protect the health of children in their area and get rid of rogue landlords for good.”

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2 thoughts on “‘Rogue landlords put renters’ health at risk’

  1. m says:

    How many of these tenants reported these problems promptly to their landlord?
    And how much of the ‘damp’ issues are related to condensation/tenant lifestyle?
    As ever, it’s easier to blame the landlords who are bound by well over 150 pieces of legislation rather than consider tenant factors when they are bound only by their tenancy agreement.
    A bit of balance in these reports would be appreciated rather than the persistent knocking of the PRS.
    Remember, the Decent Homes standard is not legally enforceable and applies to private dwellings too…

  2. CB says:

    More than a third with damp problems? I wonder how many are drying their washing indoors, not opening windows to conserve heat and switching off bathroom extractor fans to save electricity? Not the landlord’s fault at all.

    I do not believe that a third of my properties have a damp problem that I can fix.

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