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Planning permission needed for all tree houses

And parents will have to pay for the application for planning permission – along with the required drawings at a cost of hundreds of pounds.

The law came into force after guidelines were introduced for outbuildings, garden sheds and verandas.

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One thought on “Planning permission needed for all tree houses

  1. Linda Watson says:

    I have new neighbours backing onto my garden and they have recently erected a tree house just a few feet from my fence. He has filled in one side so that his children won’t be overlooking my garden but the problem is the noise. I’m not a spoil sport and I like children but I also want to be able to relax and enjoy my garden – in peace! I have spoken with my neighbour and he was totally unaware that he should have had planning permission. He is very reasonable and I am hoping we can resolve the problem amicably between us but why are parents not made aware of this change in the law. It could save an awful lot of upset if it were better advertised.

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