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Are landlords too trusting?

More than a third – 37 per cent – admit that they do not know how many former occupiers might still own keys to the property that they now call home.

In the survey of landlords, 77 per cent said that they do not change the locks on their property in-between tenants. Just 23 per cent of landlords said that they did as a matter of course.

Kevin Firth, Director of The LPS, advised landlords to take all possible precautions with their properties.

He said: “Changing the locks, encouraging tenants to take out home insurance and carrying out proper tenant referencing checks will protect properties in the long run.

“Landlords don’t always know which unscrupulous tenants still have keys to their property so it makes sense to have tenants you can trust.

“We would advise all landlords to put themselves in a position in which they can both reassure their tenants that the locks are safe, and reassure them that they have carried out full tenant referencing on previous residents. It will give landlords peace of mind too.”

The LPS provides tenant referencing checks and a rent guarantee service to all landlords. For more information on and advice for tenants and landlords please visit www.lettingprotection.com.

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