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Cotswolds agency reports strong demand for land

“The limited availability of smaller blocks of land means that those seeking a small farm, small holding or even just a few acres for a specific agricultural or equestrian use, sometimes struggle to find what they want and where they want it,” comments Richard Greasby, head of the Butler Sherborn Farm Agency department.  “The significant increase in land values in the Cotswolds has meant that farmhouses are often now lotted with a few acres, with the rest of the farm land available separately.  This is then often lotted into further smaller blocks to maximise value and satisfy the strong demand for land.

“Consequently, when such opportunities do come to market, interest is diverse and demand often strongest from potential local buyers, existing or new land owners alike.  There is still interest from those living in London looking to move to the Cotswold countryside,” adds Richard, “although this element of the market is quieter this year.”

Butler Sherborn currently has two such properties available.  Lot 1 of Hayden Farm near Cheltenham comprises a farm house and 12 acres, and is ideal for anyone interested in land for horses, domestic
livestock, conservation or amenity use.  In addition there is a further 88 acres of farmland available, lotted separately.

The other property is a parcel of 52 acres near Hayles Abbey just outside Winchcombe.  Set in a beautiful location with stunning views, the land combines woodland, orchards and grassland and offers a variety of agricultural, amenity or recreational uses.  This is available as a whole or in two lots.

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