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Rise of farmland values continues

Dr Jason Beedell, Head of Research, said: "From our analysis of how the land market reacts before a reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, we expected the amount of land for sale to drop but we were surprised by the size of the drop; other facts have influenced it, such as continuing good profitability and a positive medium-term outlook for most farming sectors meaning farmers continue to farm or let their land rather than sell it."

The amount of land for sale is the lowest we have on record for five years.  6,900 acres of bare land were marketed compared with 7900 acres in 2011 – representing a 13% drop.

28,800 acres of equipped land has been marketed, which is 41% lower than the 49,200 acres that were available on the market in 2011. The number of sales dropped by 45% to only 118.  Splitting this into arable and livestock, the area of equipped arable land marketed dropped by 32% to 11,300 acres and the number of sales fell by 7%. This compares with a drop of 39% to 8,700 acres of livestock land and fewer than half the number of sales.

The figures are from Smiths Gore’s Research department and are based on all sales of publicly marketed farmland in England over 50 acres and excludes sales where the residential value of the sale is greater than 50% of the total.

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