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English farmland attracts potential investors from China

"Having just spoken to a private family office keen on investing in farmland, I am not surprised that average values are moving back up," said Andrew Shirley, Head of Rural Research at Knight Frank.

"We are seeing interest from a wide variety of investors, as well as farmers. It is interesting to note that over the past 60 years farmland has often performed well in times of economic crisis. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth prices have risen by almost 11,000%."
James Prewett, Head of Regional Farm Sales in Central and Western England, confirms that UK farmland is attracting buyers from increasingly further afield.

He said: "I am now starting to see genuine bids from private Chinese investors. They tend to already own property in London, so are starting to feel more confident about buying other assets here. Part of the attraction is lifestyle, but investment seems to be the main driver."
Tom Raynham, Head of Farm Sales in Knight Frank’s London office, said private investors who were previously just looking now seem to have made up their minds to get on with things. He said: "With no clear end in sight to the problems affecting a number of the EU’s economies there is a strong desire to get money into something solid."

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0 thoughts on “English farmland attracts potential investors from China

  1. Daniel says:

    Great, so at a time when land prices seem to be completely separate from the rest of society, in terms of price, inflation, earnings, and so on, housing is at an all time low and the small holder is finding it harder and harder to get started, let alone survive in a market driven by the corporation, OUR LAND is being sold off to foreign investors – the Chinese – whom, correct me if I am wrong have a country several time the size of our own.

    What is happening when a Political Class and wealthy minority that cares more about profit and finance the the lives of the people that make it all possible the farmers and the workers, You and I, can allow this to happen. This land is our land acquired a long time ago, not always through correct means, by the LANDED GENTRY, and is now being sold beneath our feat without a care or a leave for you our future. Once again land changes in the hands of the wealthy, currently China, while the rest of us don’t get a look in.