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Local Government and Home Builders collaborate on delivery of new homes

With the reduction in central planning guidance and the forthcoming abolition of regional housing targets, the role of local authorities in planning for new homes becomes even more critical and the new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) poses a challenge for them to develop Local Plans which are both sustainable and viable.

The publication of today’s reports reflect a strong measure of consensus around two extremely complex issues by consolidating the views of an exceptionally broad and diverse range of interested parties including; home builders, local government, industry professions, consultants and regulators. 

The Group’s report, Viability Testing Local Plans – Advice for planning practitioners is a resource for local authorities to help ensure their local plans are viable and deliverable.  It provides practical, step-by-step advice for planning practitioners on how their local plans can effectively address the viability of residential land in their area.

The advice has been welcomed by the Planning Inspectorate as an approach which will help enable local authorities to meet their obligations under the NPPF when their plans are examined.  It will also help house builders preparing applications to understand the process.

The Home Builders Federation and the Local Government Association, two key partners in the initiative, have made a commitment to engage with their members in applying the advice and ensuring that it develops effectively over time.

On the second issue of local standards, the Group has produced an interim report: A Review of Local Standards for the Delivery of New Homes. It concludes that there is significant scope for simplification of the standards regime and recommends an urgent Government-backed review and consolidation of existing local housing standards to ensure they meet the aspirations of local communities without undermining viability.

Sir John Harman, Chairman of The Local Housing Delivery Group at the launch of the review said:

“This Group demonstrates what can be achieved through the voluntary collaboration of the industry when addressing a key challenge – planning the further supply of new homes. I believe the resulting advice on viability will be invaluable for planning practitioners as they seek to balance sustainable development for local communities with realistic returns for landowners and developers.

“During the consultation process I have observed a willingness to collaborate and the convergence of opinion and I believe the review serves as a perfect example of how the industry can come together to take joint responsibility for delivering important advice. The implementation of some of the recommendations will require new resource and in some cases, new skills. I am pleased the LGA and HBF have agreed to work together to help their members put our recommendations into practice.”

Welcoming the recommendations, Andrew Stunell MP, Parliamentary under Secretary of State at the Department for Communities and Local Government said:

“We thank Sir John Harman and all of those involved in this review work. We welcome very much the collaborative approach used to develop the advice and the commitment of all the various interested parties and stakeholders to develop the advice, based on their feedback and experience. This is a very valuable resource for local authorities to consider as they develop their local plans, and for other parties to use in contributing to that process.”

Stewart Baseley, Executive Chairman of the Home Builders Federation:

“England has an acute housing supply crisis and local authorities have a critical role to play in enabling home builders to meet the country’s housing needs. This advice, the result of a unique collaboration between home builders and local government, will help local authorities ensure sufficient sites for desperately needed housing are viable and can be developed.”

Cllr Ed Turner, Member of the LGA Environment and Housing Board;

“We believe that communities, developers and land-owners all benefit from local authorities and developers working together closely. The way in which the viability of new development is assessed and defined will form a key part of that collaboration.

“It is essential councils are able to make decisions about future development and secure necessary infrastructure and affordable housing as part of that development.  Local requirements will depend on evidence about the long-term priorities and needs of local residents, businesses and those struggling to find a home. The advice being put forward by local government and industry should help councils develop local plans which encourage the new development needed, but also make sure it is truly sustainable, and provides the necessary investment in affordable homes and new facilities.

“Through the LGA’s Housing the Nation campaign, local government is striving to kickstart the building of new homes, by calling for councils to be given the freedoms and flexibilities they need to promote and nurture new development of real benefit to local areas and with strong public support.”

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