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Local Authority partnerships leading eco-developments

This month’s T&CP Journal offers a wide range of contributions, from policy updates through to local authority project managers, elected members and the private sector.

There have been many significant changes in the context and policy since the eco-towns programme was announced back in July 2007. Not only have we experienced a global recession and subsequent housing market crash we have also had a change of Government and with it an entirely new policy direction.

The Coalition Government is driving through an ambitious programme of localism providing new freedoms and flexibilities for local government, new rights and powers for communities and individuals and a radical reform to make the planning system. This special edition of the T&CP Journal offers an update on the progress that locally-driven eco-developments have been making.

Kate Henderson, Chief Executive said: "Although the eco-towns programme was initiated by central Government it is strong local authority leadership and corporate commitment that is making them happen on the ground. Members of the EDG share the Government’s ambition of delivering more and better homes, creating dynamic local economies and a healthy vibrant environment, while making planning more accessible through a simplified planning framework.

"Eco-communities will not be delivered by councils alone, especially at a time of financial retrenchment. And not all sustainable communities need to be badged as ‘Eco-towns’, each is different. As this special issue of the journal demonstrates, progress is being made, places will be delivered and schemes coming forward have the potential to positively influence how we provide sustainable places in the future."

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