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Homeowners unwittingly buying property that may be blighted by HS2

But if buyers are to avoid getting a nasty shock when work begins, they will need to know if their property is in the vicinity of HS2 – even if it isn’t within the 200-metre radius.  The government has already admitted that the construction and operation of HS2 will cause significant disruption from noise, dust and vibration, smell, fumes, smoke, and artificial lighting.

Of the 22 Local Authorities, the route runs through, currently only one has said it will be providing any information above and beyond the 200 metres mark offered in Con29.

David Kempster, director said, “Homebuyers face uncertainty for the next decade and a half.  Only small sections of the route will utilise existing railway lines.  This is clearly a huge project that will lead to disruption on a corresponding scale.  The majority of the route will require new lines and associated works such as tunnels, viaducts, and bridges.  HS2’s ‘rail corridor’ could be 200 feet wide in places.  It will cost £32 billion to construct.  Hundreds of properties will need to be demolished and thousands will be blighted by their proximity to it during the construction process and from disturbance when the line is built – it’s certainly enough to devalue your home significantly.

“Of the 22 Local Authorities that look as if they might be affected, only 1 told us they will offer more than the minimum information they are required to provide.  Potential homebuyers could easily get trapped into buying a property that they don’t know will suffer at the hands of HS2.”

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