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‘Use integrated teams to deliver sustainable environment’

It also insists that the "large number of interfaces" between the parties to the construction process, coupled with "high transaction costs and risk of duplication and re-work", militate significantly against the proliferation of sustainable buildings.

On the basis of a careful review of best practice advice, industry case studies and previous reports from organisations including the National Audit Office and the Office of Government Commerce, the SEA document recommends the appointment, at the start of a project, of "an integrated project delivery team with in-depth knowledge of the construction process".

And it goes on to highlight the extent to which value to the client can be improved by the creation of an integrated team that can "design in sustainable solutions" and "design out waste and inefficiency".

The Sustainable Buildings Need Integrated Teams report is the work of an SEA Integration and Sustainability Working Group, which comprised representatives of the contracting, consultancy and manufacturing sectors.

The group was chaired by Lord O’Neill of Clackmannan, president of the Specialist Engineering Contractors’ (SEC) Group.

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