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FMB: Small builders need strong voice in Government

Brian Berry, Director of External Affairs at the FMB said: "The construction industry needs a stronger more influential voice within Government because at the moment construction is being overlooked particularly the needs of small builders who are struggling to survive in the recession.

"The appointment of a Chief Construction Officer who has the authority to knock heads together within the corridors of Whitehall would be a great boost to our members who often feel their business concerns are overlooked. With a million people working in the building industry contributing some 8% of the UK’s GDP it’s about time we had a strong voice within Government to speak up for us.

"The appointment of Chief Construction Officer would also help sort out the key problem about public sector procurement because at the moment many small building firms are put off by the complexity, repetition and bureaucracy about securing local authority contracts. The whole process needs to made simpler if the Government is to achieve its stated aim to include smaller building firms in public works."

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