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Halifax Estate Agents reveals the UK’s Top 50 street names

Across the UK’s regions, High Street was the most popular street name in seven different regions and was featured within the top ten street names in two other regions.

Northern Ireland, the North West and Greater London were the only regions not to include High Street within their top ten street names. Clough Close was the favourite street name in the North, which does not feature in any other region or within the nation’s top 50.

The majority of street names within the UK’s top 50 are founded upon a bygone age, when religion, the church and the farm played a central role in community life.

The inclusion of Church Street, Church Road and Church Lane, Chapel Street and St. John’s Road reflects the importance of worship throughout the centuries.

Church related street names feature within all of the region’s top ten street names.

Many street names also relate to the UK’s royal heritage, with references to Victoria, Queen, King, Alexandra, Windsor, George and Albert included within the UK’s top 50.  However, this theme is not continued within the top ten street names in the North, East Anglia, Northern Ireland and Yorkshire and the Humber.

Whilst our roots and former features of the surrounding area can be traced back through the inclusion of Park Road, Park Avenue, Green Lane, Manor Road, Grange Road, Mill Lane, Highfield Road, Park Lane, The Green, The Grove, School Lane and Grove Road, Station Road coming in at second place bears witness to the great development of the UK’s towns and cities. 

The prominence of key cities, locations and transport routes is also underlined by the appearance of London Road in the UK’s top ten most popular street names and York Road appears within the top 50.

On a regional basis, London Road also features within the top ten names in the South East.

In the North, Durham Road hits the top spot, whereas Manchester Road hits the top spot in the North West. Other destinations, such as Leeds Road, Bradford Road, Wigan Road, Rochdale Road, Burnley Road, Leicester Road, Mansfield Road, Birmingham Road, Chester Road, Lichfield Road, Wolverhampton Road, Norwich Road, Gloucester Road, Bath Road, Warwick Road, Belfast Road and Glasgow Road also feature highly on a regional basis. 

Some street names remain strictly functional and practical. Within the UK’s top 50, these include Main Street, The Crescent, The Avenue, New Road, Main Road, Broadway, West Street, New Street, North Street, South Street, The Drive and North Road.  East Anglia and Yorkshire and the Humber are the UK’s most practical street name regions with four a piece.

Gordon Edwards, Managing director at Halifax, said: “The names we give to our streets serve more than just a functional purpose. Regional and national favourites paint a picture of our history, landscape and the famous British ‘sense of humour.’ Features of our past and surrounding areas, along with ties to religion and the church, key cities and transport routes play a fundamental role in our lives on a day to day basis and that is reflected in our street names.”

1.    High Street
2.    Station Road
3.    Main Street
4.    Church Street
5.    Victoria Road
6.    Park Road
7.    Church Road
8.    London Road
9.    Manor Road
10.    New Road
11.    Park Avenue
12.    Queens Road
13.    Kings Road
14.    Church Lane
15.    Green Lane
16.    Alexandra Road
17.    The Crescent
18.    George Street
19.    Grange Road
20.    Main Road
21.    King Street
22.    The Avenue
23.    New Street
24.    North Street
25.    Victoria Street
26.    West Street
27.    Queen Street
28.    Springfield Road
29.    Stanley Road
30.    Albert Road
31.    Albert Street
32.    Park Lane
33.    Chapel Street
34.    Highfield Road
35.    The Green
36.    Mill Lane
37.    Broadway
38.    St. Johns Road
39.    Marlborough Road
40.    Windsor Road
41.    Forest Road
42.    South Street
43.    Warwick Road
44.    Grove Road
45.    Kingsway
46.    York Road
47.    Woodlands Road
48.    Clarence Road
49.    School Lane
50.    Cromwell Road

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