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A decade of change in house building

Following a year of research and consultation, the Home Building Skills report sets out a series of scenarios predicting the future of home building up to 2020. 

Based on these scenarios, checklists have been drafted for eight key roles in the home building supply chain – from architects and planners to product suppliers, specialist trades and inspectors – outlining the likely core skills and knowledge that each role will require, and their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs for the future.

The report calls for the industry to unite in defining and confronting the knowledge gaps that could hinder progress towards zero carbon homes and the other significant changes on the horizon. 

NHBC, Zero Carbon Hub and ConstructionSkills are also pledging to launch a new online portal next year to help signpost employers and others to the training providers, colleges and universities that offer courses and qualifications to meet the industry’s future skills and knowledge needs.

Mark Farrar, Chief Executive, ConstructionSkills said:

"There still needs to be a quantum leap in the home building industry’s response to the likely challenges of the next 10 years. The single most important thing home builders and their advisors and supply chain can do is to ensure adequate awareness and understanding of these challenges at the highest level. We only have a short time to prepare."

Neil Jefferson, Chief Executive, Zero Carbon Hub said:

"The home building industry is no stranger to change, but the pace of change is certainly increasing. The issue is not anymore about where the labour will come from. The key question for the future will be how well the entire team understands which building methods, technologies and combinations of choices are available and how to build low and zero carbon homes in a way that minimises risk to themselves and future owners and occupiers." 

Imtiaz Farookhi, Chief Executive, NHBC said:

"We estimate there may be 10,000 training providers to the UK home building industry.  It’s a complex and confusing market.  Our portal will cut through this – it’s being built to help the whole industry to identify the best areas to develop future skills and knowledge and to signpost them to relevant learning providers. We need all training providers, colleges and universities to get involved as quickly as possible."

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