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House builders deliver outstanding customer satisfaction

This is despite the results covering a period during which home buyers and house builders were struggling with the worst housing downturn for 80 years.

All the results in this year’s survey, show a leap up from last year – a testament to the industry’s commitment to deliver the high quality product and service that today’s demanding home buyers expect.

Despite regular, unfounded criticism from industry detractors, the latest survey results confirm once again that home builders are committed to quality and echo results from a number of independent surveys.They show that the vast majority of new home buyers are satisfied with the quality of their home and the service provided by their home builder.

Stewart Baseley, Executive Chairman at HBF, said today; "These results are truly outstanding and a testament to the efforts made by our industry to deliver ever increasing satisfaction levels to new home buyers. Raising customer satisfaction levels in a home building company, where each house or apartment is effectively a bespoke product, built on location, requires commitment from everyone in the process, from senior management through to site sales and construction staff and subcontractors. These results are a credit to our industry in what has been the most difficult period many can remember.”

Baseley continued: "All the evidence we now have demonstrates categorically that as an industry we are delivering in the overwhelming majority of cases the type of product our customers want, in a manner with which they are satisfied.”

Imtiaz Farookhi, Chief Executive of NHBC, the organisation that collects and compiles the results on behalf of HBF, and is involved in work on increasing customer satisfaction, said today: "As a consumer protection body, we are of course delighted that customer satisfaction has risen in the midst of the most savage downturn the industry has seen in post-war years.

"Clearly the challenge for the industry is now to maintain and build on this level of performance as we move into more stable economic conditions.

"The new Consumer Code for Homebuilders, along with continued publication of these data, should ensure that the profile of customer satisfaction in company board rooms remains a top priority.”

Ian Baker, Group Managing Director for Housebuilding at Galliford Try Homes said:

"We welcome the results of the HBF’s annual customer satisfaction survey 2010, which shows that 9 out of 10 buyers are satisfied with the overall quality of their new home and would recommend their builder to a friend. It is right that housebuilders should deliver consistently high standards and best practice to their consumers. This industry-wide recognition, coupled with the recent introduction of the new Consumer Code for Homebuilders, can reassure buyers that purchasing a brand new home offers the highest product standards and delivers excellent customer service.”

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