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Your next home; at a store near you!

In the article Josh Ryan-Collins, from the New Economics Foundation said:

“There’s a sense that they are using their market power to dominate aspects of the economy,

"There is a need for more affordable housing but there is a danger with Tesco’s moves.

“If they provide the mortgage, if they act as estate agent, if they provide a credit card, if they sell you a house, they will end up with more personal information about you than the Government.”

The supermarket is reported to be taking advantage of developers struggles to raise finance forcing them to build smaller schemes.

Lambeth Council has already approved the construction of 200 homes, a bus depot and ice rink in Streatham, south London.

Further sites in Dartford, Kent and Woolwich will be developed and the company has already constructed flats as part of its stores in Clapham and Kensington, London.

A Tesco spokesman told one reporter:

"Our mixed use developments are not new news – Tesco has been providing mixed-use developments since 1997.

"Our innovative, mixed-use developments create jobs, civic amenities and social housing in areas that many other developers cannot and will not invest in.

"We are proud to be able to invest in these communities and to provide significant numbers of jobs to both the construction industry and the wider economy."

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