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CABE: Who should build our homes?

Christine Whitehead, professor of housing economics at the LSE, points out that housing supply never came near to meeting demand. She argues for a planning framework which incentivises the right sort of development at the local level.

Peter Studdert, planning director for Cambridge’s growth areas, calls for local authorities to be set free from central government restraints so they can play a more active role in funding and delivering new homes.

Liz Peace, chief executive of the British Property Federation, wants to see a move away from the build-to-sell model and a positive attitude to renting from investors and consumers.

Stephen Hill, director of C20 futureplanners, champions the self-build movement and its potential to create high quality places.

Pooran Desai, co-founder of the BioRegional Development Group, argues that climate change should be tackled at the neighbourhood scale.

Dickon Robinson argues for a more diverse tenure mix, and that developers need to be incentivised to build larger homes.

The debate will continue with an expert workshop in January

Who should build our homes? is available to download from www.cabe.org.uk/publications/who-should-build-our-homes
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