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BPF endorses plan to improve planning system

The NPF action plan builds on the culture change manifesto it released in July 2007. The action plan commits NPF members to undertake specific points of action which collectively will help to improve the planning system.

In support, the BPF has committed itself to:

Regularly update its members about spatial planning and developments in the planning world;
Work with Government agencies to provide seminars for the private sector on best practice;
Maintain regular channel of contact with the Planning Inspectorate – work with it, Communities and Local Government and BPF members to explore how best the business sector can engage with plan making;
Work with other stakeholders to explore the idea of establishing a training module on development economics, and investigate the feasibility of creating a system by which BPF members would be able to offer a structured internship secondment scheme to planning students and/or local authority planners;
Where research is commissioned which is relevant to planning, consider if there are other stakeholders that the BPF can partner with to achieve wider and more effective dissemination.

The BPF launched its own Planning Manifesto last autumn, containing 12 points which could improve the planning system and calling for a pragmatic approach to help support and improve planning.

The manifesto was a sign of the private sector’s commitment to the planning system, which is further emphasised by the BPF’s endorsement of the NPF’s action plan.

The BPF’s assistant director for planning, Jonathan Seager, said: "The NPF’s action plan is a significant achievement as it commits both the public and private sectors to specific actions that will help to improve the planning system.

"The action plan is especially significant in the light of the current economic downturn. All those involved in planning must work together to keep projects currently in the planning system viable."

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