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Construction strategy sets out vision for growth

A long-term partnership between government and the construction industry to get Britain building and winning contracts overseas.

Business Minister Michael Fallon will today [2 July] launch the government’s industrial strategy for construction: Construction 2025.

The strategy sets out how government and the construction industry will work together to ensure the UK continues to thrive in the face of increasing global competition.

The strategy includes an action plan of 10 joint commitments to ensure the industry is best placed to achieve its ambitions by 2025, including:

•developing plans to secure jobs and growth by exploiting developments in green construction •using the GREAT campaign to promote British construction abroad and attract new business •leading the transformation of the industry through the new Construction Leadership Council

Small and medium-sized businesses will benefit from the strategy. Government and industry have pledged to increase the number of suppliers offering greater trade credit to small businesses, as well as developing a fair payment charter for construction.

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