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Housing must invest in skills and talent

The housing industry will be unable to help tackle the housing crisis and deal with the radical changes ahead unless it invests in skills, talent and professionalism.

That was the message from Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) President Paul Tennant today

Speaking at Housing 2013 in Manchester, CIH’s annual conference and exhibition, Mr Tennant challenged the industry to raise its game when it comes to developing the leaders of the future.

He said: “We need a new generation of talent if we are to ensure that housing plays a central role in economic growth. Employers must step up to the mark and invest in the skills and knowledge we need to shape the next generation of housing services.  We cannot, and should not, leave it to someone else.

“Turning the supply tap back on will be made harder unless we have the skills and human resources we need to put homes in the ground.”

He added: “We should aspire to do more than to attract people by chance. We must commit to raising our game in this area so that our legacy is not only the work we do and the services we provide today, but that we leave the industry in safe hands for tomorrow.”

Mr Tennant announced that CIH will be reviewing its code of professional conduct so that all members can review and renew their commitment to what it takes to be a housing professional.

He added: “That’s our priority at CIH.  I hope you’ll be with us along the way.”

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