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Thatched property owners’ insurance premiums up in flames

Nationwide monitoring of thatched fires reveals that there are between 60 and 70 serious thatch-roof fires recorded annually, and the figure is rising. Which is why non-specialist insurers tend to hit owners with punitive insurance premiums.

Peter Anslow, Director of The Listed Property Owners Club said: "We realised that a high percentage of phone calls to our listed property hotline over the last five years were from owners shocked by the rising costs of insuring their beautiful thatched homes.

"It occurred to us that we could bring the right people to the table to build a unique solution. I’m delighted that our position in the sector has allowed us to come up with a product that will reduce the chance of a major thatch fire and substantially reduce our members’ premiums."

The new Thatch Fire Detection Insurance product is available through Lark Insurance Broking Group, the specialist listed building brokers, and Prestige Fire Detection, a well-respected national provider of fire alarm systems for listed properties (the same method of detection is employed in Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – London’s first thatched roof building since the Great Fire).

It is guaranteed to reduce Lark’s insurance premium by as much as 40% for a detached property with a wood-burning stove – EACH YEAR.

The system costs less than £600 to install (with an annual maintenance and 24-hour remote monitoring charge of £150). With an insurance discount of up to 40% the cost is almost recovered in the first couple of years, with substantial savings beyond.

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0 thoughts on “Thatched property owners’ insurance premiums up in flames

  1. These early warning fire detectors around the chimney could possibly get the fire brigade out on site a little sooner I agree if there is a chimney fire bursting through the mortar within the roof space, but is unlikely to detect fires on the outside of the thatch soon enough caused by lighted debri deflecting on to the thatch from rain deflector caps on the chimney pots as is the common cause with thatch fires with a properly fitted insulated flue pipe.
    I can see that this detecting system could be a comfort to thatchowners, but it does not deal with the causes of chimney related thatch fires, namely ‘tar’ formation within the chimney/flue that a chimney sweep can not remove effectively.
    Does the maintenance fee of £150 per year get split between the detector suppliers and the fire services?
    Will the original thatch insurance premium be similar in price to other specialist thatch insurers prior to the possible 40% discount on fitting of the system?