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Home insurance apathy costs Britons £700m a year

Of those loyal customers, 7% don’t think they can find a better deal, and a further 8% are missing out on savings as they can’t be bothered to shop around. Another 13% automatically renew with their current insurer because they are happy with them. The Welsh and Scots are the most apathetic; a third (33%) automatically renew with their current provider.

The research also revealed Brits stay with their home insurer for two and a half years on average. Almost half of respondents (48%) have been with the same insurer for over two years, and 9% have been with the same insurer – sacrificing potential savings – for a whopping ten years or more.

Hannah Mercedes-Skenfield, insurance spokesperson at MoneySupermarket.com, said: "Insurance apathy rules in UK homes. Having the choice to automatically renew your home insurance is an appealing option for time-poor homeowners – but ask yourself, is it worth paying such a hefty price for the convenience? Shopping around for the best deal is quick and easy, but by not doing so, consumers effectively watch their hard earned cash go down the drain. How many of us would really say no to £125?

"While mortgage providers insist homeowners have adequate buildings insurance, it makes financial sense for every household to have combined buildings and contents insurance in place. Combined policies tend to offer the best value as well as providing comprehensive cover for your home and garden against problems such as subsidence, burst pipes, and personal liability, all of which could land you with a bill for thousands of pounds. This is in addition to more common incidents such as burglary, accidental damage or loss of possessions away from the home. Without having cover in place you could end up having to foot a very expensive bill."

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