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Homeowners urged to protect properties from flooding

Joanne Musselle, Head of UK Claims, said: "The heavy rain could cause severe damage to homes but taking some basic steps can reduce the risks."

Preparation is important to help minimise damage.

Here are Hiscox’s tips to help protect your property:

* Move anything of value including furniture, electrical equipment and valuables (including photographs and sentimental items) to upper floors;
* Prepare an emergency kit in case you are trapped or need to evacuate – this should include blankets, torches, waterproof clothing, food, water, a shovel and a first aid kit;
* If you don’t know, find out how to turn off the electricity supply (in the dark if necessary);
* Make copies of all your important documents and store them in a dry safe place which is easily accessible;
* If there is a known or recurring problem, prepare for flooding by placing sandbags around the perimeter of your house, especially doorways and places where water can easily seep in;
* Relocate your cars to safer areas;
* Prepare a list of important emergency phone numbers, including emergency helplines for your local water company and insurance company.

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