Flood report offers accurate commercial risk assessment

With approximately 185,000 commercial properties at risk from flooding in the UK, Landmark Information Group is launching a comprehensive, conveyancing-ready flood report that identities potential flood risk to a specific commercial property.

Sitecheck Flood is a new flood report which provides anyone involved with a commercial property transaction with an accurate and comprehensive flood risk assessment.

Unique to the report, Sitecheck Flood includes an independent professional opinion of risk from a dedicated team of expert consultants at RPS, one of the largest providers of bespoke Flood Risk Assessments in the UK.

Furthermore, it is the only report to include exclusive data from Risk Management Solutions (RMS), the leading catastrophe risk experts, covering all sources of flood risk, including surface water and minor river flooding, which is believed to have caused around 50% of the damage from the 2007 summer floods that affected more than 9000 businesses.

James Sherwood-Rogers, Managing Director of Landmark Legal and Financial said: "The Sitecheck Flood report is a must for any UK commercial enterprise – small or large – particularly in the current economic climate where sound business decisions are vital for survival.

"With flooding set to become a more frequent occurrence as the issue of global warming worsens, more commercial properties are likely to be affected. In fact these days a business is more likely to be flooded than burnt down and some service providers estimate that flooding now accounts for nearly 10% of major business disruptions."

Key features of the Sitecheck Flood report are:

* Independent professional opinion from RPS – one of the largest providers of bespoke Flood Risk Assessments in the UK;
* Exclusive data on surface water (pluvial) flooding – believed to have caused around 50 per cent of the damage from the 2007 summer floods that affected over 9000 businesses;
* Official Environment Agency flood data;
* Insurability data from Norwich Union – indicates the likelihood that a property would be insured and also gives a property-specific assessment of river and coastal flood risk;
* Unique insurance claims data – claims numbers are a strong indicator of flood risk and this report assesses the volume of verified flood insurance claims made in a postal sector;
* British Geological Survey susceptibility to groundwater flooding – you don’t need to be near a river or the sea to be flooded;
* A clear assessment illustrated with five separate flood maps, showing the full details of each dataset to support the conclusions of the professional opinion.

Sherwood-Rogers said: "Unfortunately flooding in the UK is an issue that is here to stay and businesses as well as homeowners should take necessary steps to ensure that they are protected. Many businesses in the current economic climate cannot afford to take the serious financial hit that flooding could inflict."

Sitecheck Flood is available from £95 + VAT.

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