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Don’t let bonfire night fizzle into an insurance nightmare

According to statistics from BIS, over 6600 people are injured infirework accidents each year, with half of these injuries happening to children under 16. If any accidents occur on your property, you could be liable for a personal injury claim, and not having enough personal liability cover in place, could leave you severely out of pocket.

Peter Harrison, home insurance expert at MoneySupermarket.com, said: "Bonfire Night is always an exciting event, with people across the UK hosting their own fireworks parties or attending pubic displays. To ensure these events run smoothly, it is important for people to remember that safety has to come first.

"For those hosting a fireworks party at home, it is essential to ensure your home insurance policy is up to date and that you have adequate personal liability cover. In the event of an accident such as someone getting burnt on the bonfire, you could find yourself liable for any injury or damage if you are not covered by insurance. In addition, you could find yourself facing a hefty payout. The same applies if you are at a friend’s party and are injured by a firework, as they will need to have adequate insurance to cover any claims."

Pet owners should also think about protecting their furry friends on Bonfire Night. Cover for pets is available from £73 a year for dogs and £40 for cats. Checking the small print of the insurance policy is crucial as levels of cover for vets fees and third party liability will vary.

Harrison said: "In the fun of firework season it is also important for pet owners to think carefully about ensuring their four-legged friends are protected from any potential dangers. This time of year is particularly traumatic and dangerous for animals, and owners should take steps to protect them. Fireworks can cause distress, disorientation and panic, which can in turn lead to accidents and animals going astray. Insuring your pet gives you the peace of mind alone they will be protected if they come into harm."

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