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Cost of water damage to homes increases by 44%

1 Feeder pipes (39%)
2 Bath/Shower (11%)
3 Toilet (9%)
4 Radiators (6%)

The research also found that the most likely rooms to be damaged as a result of internal water damage are:

1 Kitchen
2 Main Bathroom
3 Lounge
4 Main Bedroom

The most expensive claims are caused by open pipes which are not concealed or contained in a wall cavity. According to the insurer, these claims cost an average of £7547, which is around £4000 higher than the average.

Allianz Head of Home Management, Gareth McChesney, said: "Water damage claims account for almost 30% of all claims costs for our household business and this is significant for us and important to the cost of household insurance. It should also be remembered that water damage makes a mess of people’s homes, sometimes ruining valuable photographs and documents which cannot always be reconstructed. No one wants to come down in the morning to find their kitchen under a foot of water."

He added: "It is difficult to know why we are seeing this sudden increase in the number of claims but we recommend that all water connections should be inspected regularly to ensure they are not corroding. Also, if in doubt about a DIY job, using a professional could be a lot less stressful and less costly in the long-run."

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