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Men put money before memories

Men in contrast would save their laptop before photos or Rex-the-dog and are three times as likely to rescue the games console and twice as likely to rescue their mobile phone first.

Seven in ten people believe that society as a whole puts price above sentimental attachment. One in four of this group believe this is due to the pressure on people to own the latest fashionable gadget, while one in ten think this is due to the growing distances between modern day families resulting in people’s failure to see value in family heirlooms.

Gordon Morris, MD of Age Concern Enterprises said: ‘Britain’s homes are changing as we spend more on expensive items for the home with women, not men, being the biggest spenders. But, should disaster happen, women would leave those items and rescue those belongings with most sentimental attachment, leaving men to save the laptop or TV.’

He continued: ‘Filling the home with expensive items has a knock on effect on the home insurance cover you need, so it is crucial people ensure they accurately assess the value of contents in the home on a regular basis to ensure adequate coverage is in place.’

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