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£3,100 – The value of a good neighbour?

The city of Bradford leads the nationals rankings with the most considerate and tolerant neighbours. Glasgow has the friendliest, Swansea hosts the tidiest and Manchester is home to the most vigilant locals.

The study also shows the effect of poor neighbourly relations. Stockport reports the most incidents of neighbour-inflicted damage and it is estimated that, nationally, neighbour actions and vandalism have cost homeowners more than £2.5 billion. These incidents typically cost £312 per job to put right.

A positive step towards building a strong community is to join the local Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Figures show that nearly half (42 per cent) of Neighbourhood Watch members enjoy good community relations, compared to under a third (28 per cent) of non-members.

Commenting on the findings, Paula Llewellyn, spokesperson for Lloyds TSB Insurance said: “Good neighbours can have an invaluable impact on our wellbeing and can help keep our property safe while away from home."

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