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Don’t let Bonfire Night get the better of you

 So here are Towergate Risk Solutions Poole top tips to help you have a trouble-free bonfire night: 

Check with your insurance broker that you are insured for damage to both your property and neighbouring property in the event of:

–          Windows shattering
–          Garden damage
–          Spreading fire risk
–          Theft from your home if it is left open for guests (occupancy warranty)
–          Thatched properties – are you covered if a firework lands on your roof?
–          Also check that you are covered for injury to guests  

Always follow the firework code:

• When buying fireworks, make sure they comply with BS 7114 and are clearly marked for their intended use "Indoor, Garden or Display"
• Keep fireworks in a tin or box and remove them one at a time.
• Follow the instructions carefully, reading them by torch light, never by a flame.
• Only use a special firework lighter or taper and stand at arms length to light.
• Make sure all other people are standing well back when lighting fireworks.
• NEVER return to a lit firework as it could explode in your face
• Keep all pets in doors – exercise them well earlier in the day
• DO NOT throw fireworks.
• DO NOT put fireworks in your pocket
• Keep water close to the fireworks/bonfire as a precaution 
• Teach children not to wave sparklers near anyone else or run while holding them

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