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Householders leave burglars with easy pickings

Only one in four people (27%) chain up bikes, tools, and other items kept in outbuildings, leaving easy spoils for thieves.

The rush to enjoy the summer could have a negative effect on people’s security considerations, despite evidence that, after June, August is the most common month for burglary.

Half (49%) of burglary victims surveyed were targeted in the day, and more than a third (37%) of burglaries happened while the householders were at home.

Few householders take more permanent measures to make their homes less attractive to burglars, with just one in four (28%) installing gates or fences and only one in ten planting prickly hedges (12%) or putting gravel on their drive (11%).

Andrew Lowe, Head of Home Insurance at Direct Line, said: "There’s a strong temptation to take advantage of the good weather by opening doors and windows as soon as the sun comes out, but people should take extra care to prevent unwanted access to their homes and gardens, as carelessness can lead to rich pickings for opportunistic thieves."

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