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Home insurance accidental damage claims rocket

When it comes to accidental damage in the home, it appears we’re a nation of butter-fingers, as the top five incidents claimed for are made up of every day items damaged by breakages or spillages:
1 Lap-tops – damaged by a spilt drink;
2 Televisions – dropped or knocked over when moved for decorating purposes;
3 Carpets – spoilt by a permanent paint or wine spillage;
4 Reading glasses – damaged or lost;
5 Baths/showers – broken by owners suffering an awkward fall or slip-up.

However while Brits may have helped make accidental damage/loss account for almost half (46%) of home insurance claims in the first quarter of this year, additional research reveals that home-incident mishaps are surprisingly rated low on the list of consumers’ concerns.

Damage resulting from a DIY disaster – such as a paint spillage or foot through the ceiling – causes little household anxiety, with just 2% naming this as a home concern. Yet the actuality of this happening is much higher, with almost one-fifth (18%) party to a home maintenance job that’s gone wrong.

When it comes to incidents that result in property or contents damage, the research also reveals that Britain’s top three home accident drama zones are the kitchen, living room and bathroom. More than a quarter (27%) of those surveyed has suffered a kitchen calamity, a living room mishap has befallen more than a fifth (21%) and 14% admit to being victim to a bathroom disaster.

The nation’s most accident-prone age group is the 45-54 year olds, who have experienced the most damage-causing incidents in each room. More than a quarter (28%) has endured a living room calamity, double that of 65+ year olds (14%), while almost one in five (18%) has had a bathroom blunder, compared to 12% of people aged 18-24.

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