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Cover of darkness provides rich pickings for burglars

As the clocks go back on Sunday October 27th, homeowners are advised to secure their homes and remain vigilant as dark nights prove all too tempting for opportunist thieves

Average cost of a winter burglary is £1,746.00 according to Halifax Home Insurance

Almost £13m paid out for burglary claims last winter, up 21% compared to summer

14% increase in average cost of a burglary claim in winter compared to summer

When the clocks go back, dark evenings provide ideal cover for opportunist burglars.  According to Halifax Home Insurance claims data, the average cost of a claim for winter burglary was £1,746.00 per incident in 2012, up 14% compared to the average cost of a summer burglary claim.  Last year the insurer paid out almost £13 million in winter burglary claims, a 21% rise compared to the summer months.

Senior claims manager Martyn Foulds said: “The cover of darkness makes life easier for petty thieves looking for an easy target, so we are reminding homeowners that a few simple steps can go a long way to avoiding the stress and inconvenience a burglary brings.  While insurance will cover the financial loss, it may not be able to replace unique family heirlooms or items of sentimental value, so it’s always best to take preventative steps to protect the things you treasure most.”

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