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Hit a wicket not a window during the Ashes

With the nation gripped by Murray mania and the Ashes fast approaching, insurer Aviva is warning homeowners to watch out for their windows, TVs and ornaments as data shows that accidents around the home soar during the historic test series.

Ten years’ worth of data from Aviva shows that, generally, accidents in and around the home begin to rise during the summer months until their peak during the August bank holiday when they are just under 10% higher than normal –  but bring on the Ashes and claims soar.

Figures reveal that when England and Australia last went into battle in the Ashes series of 2009 accidental damage claims rose by a further 10% on top of the already high claims figures with many of the mishaps involving bats, balls, windows, TV screens… and children.

Richard Hiscocks, head of household claims, at Aviva, said: “It’s no surprise that accidents around the home and garden rise in the summertime as families attempt to emulate their heroes on the tennis court or cricket pitch, but our data shows that major sporting events like the Ashes bring even more clumsy crashes and smashes than usual.

“So it might be as well for parents to keep an eye on any budding Broads or aspiring Andersons, and maybe steer them away from TV’s, conservatories and windows, especially if they have a bat in their hand!”

Accidental damage cover can be added to both Aviva’s buildings and contents insurance – for your buildings additional Accidental Damage cover, to protect things like your windows and glass conservatories, costs on average around £15 a year while accidental damage to contents, such as mirrors and TVs, costs on average around £5 a year.

Don’t let the fear of accidental damage to your home cut your innings short this summer, follow these tips for a damage-free home this summer.

* Involve multiple players, the more hands, the more likely that ball won’t escape; * Play in your local park a safe distance away from any houses and windows; * Try substituting the usual ball for a softer version such as a rubber or home made one; * Invest in some cheap throws and wax tablecloths to put over furniture, so if something does get spilt it’s less likely to damage valuable furnishings; * Encourage your children to eat at the table, and not to carry drinks around the home; * Keep valuable possessions out of reach from children – especially if they have lots of friends around; * If you are getting “arty” cover all surfaces with newspapers.

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