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Zoopla reveals Britain’s trick or treating hot spots

Cambridge topped the list of places on the Trick or Treat Index with the best combination of a high density of wealthy homeowners with a low number of road traffic accidents and low crime. Coming in a close second as a trick or treating paradise was Norwich. London came in third place as a result of the high density of homes and high property values. Within London, the top three trick or treating hot spots were identified as Barnet, Bromley and Wandsworth.
At the other end of the Trick or Treat Index, serious sweet-hunters might want to avoid Oldham, Middlesbrough and Colchester which were identified as the least favorable towns for trick or treating through a combination of low property values, lower population density, higher crime and greater road traffic accident figures.
Lawrence Hall of Zoopla commented: “Seasoned trick or treaters know what will help them secure a better Halloween haul and stay safe doing so. It’s a combination of factors including a high density of affluent homes along with good road safety and low crime. Homeowners in Cambridge might want to stock up on treats this Halloween, following our research, or else be prepared for some tricks coming their way!”

In addition to compiling the Trick of Treat Index, Zoopla also conducted a survey of house hunters to find out if they would be discouraged from buying a house if they were told it was haunted. Three in five (59%) respondents said they would not be interested in buying a home that was haunted whilst one in four (25%) said it would make no difference. Interestingly, one in ten (10%) of those surveyed said finding out that a house was haunted would encourage them to view it.
Britain is also home to several streets that are appropriately named for Halloween, some of which trick or treaters may want to target more than others. Somewhat surprisingly, streets with Devil in the name are amongst the most valuable in the country with an average property value of almost £500,000. On the other hand, streets with Witch in the name have average property values of only £156,925.
Lawrence Hall added: “Those living on streets with spooky names have the opportunity to go all guns blazing on Halloween. However, for homeowners who believe their properties are haunted, our survey shows that they may be better remaining tight lipped when it comes time to sell.”

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