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Multi-million pound boost for first time buyers

Mr Prisk confirmed that £40million will go to 41 developers to help 2,500 first-time buyers this year – and called on them to go further, and bid for a share of £240million to help deliver thousands more new homes under the scheme next year.

The hugely popular FirstBuy scheme reduces the amount of deposit first-time buyers have to find by offering an equity loan of up to 20 per cent provided by the Government and developers.

The Minister said that the extension of FirstBuy would provide help to thousands more first time buyers across the country, offering an alternative to the Bank of Mum and Dad.

The scheme has already helped thousands of buyers across the country, with 3,000 sales made by March this year and developers reporting more than 8,000 FirstBuy reservations by the end of August.

The £280million boost to FirstBuy forms part of the Housing and Growth Package announced by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in September, one of a range of measures designed to get Britain building and kickstart the economy.

This package builds on the suite of options available for aspiring homeowners who want to get onto and up the housing ladder. This includes the NewBuy Guarantee and the reinvigorated Right to Buy, which will give thousands of council tenants the opportunity to buy their home.

Mark Prisk said:

"Firstbuy has already proved hugely successful, providing a practical alternative to the Bank of Mum and Dad for thousands of first-time buyers across the country.

"The scheme has become a major player in helping people onto the property ladder and getting Britain building again – and I’m determined to maintain that momentum.

"That’s why today just a month after the Prime Minister confirmed this funding boost, I’m asking developers to start putting this money to good use – and giving them the chance to start planning for how they can help first-time buyers in the coming year."

Homes and Communities Agency chief executive Pat Ritchie said:

"We welcome the additional £280million of FirstBuy funding, which will make a major difference to the lives of prospective homebuyers and keep momentum for affordable home ownership going, not only for this financial year but for the year after.

"We are pleased to be able to allocate some of the funding for this financial year, and anticipate a strong bid response to the remaining £240million, and we look forward to working with our developer partners to bring these homes forward."

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0 thoughts on “Multi-million pound boost for first time buyers

  1. John Wade says:

    This is a welcome boost but only helps people buying a new build. If the Government indemnified the top 15% of a loan for first time buyers, up to a max purchase price of say £250,000, they could then get 100% mortgages and really get the market moving. The second time buyers would then buy the new builds as well. Charging an indemnity fee and insisting the buyers have an employer or private mortgage protection policy would mean that this would cost the Government nothing but would boost the economy for thousands of workers.

  2. As a first-time buyer; how is putting us into further debt supposed to help us? This will just delay the fall in house prices – the only thing that can help us – and therefore make our lives yet worse. Yet further debt from the man who says that we are living beyond our means and need to pay down debt. A waste of government and tax-payers money to further indebt us, and put housing even further away from futurte generations.

  3. Chris says:

    An increase in government spending on affordable housing should be welcomed but there are a few concerns that need to be address. The government are releasing land for affordable housing properties to be built on but is this land in an area where there is demand and where people want to live?