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Millions use estate agents and property portals to snoop

Some three million (6%) confess to snooping around inside their neighbour’s home when asked to check on it while the neighbour was away.

Another 1.5 million (3%) people also confessed to keeping up with the Joneses – renovating or extending their home purely because their neighbours had decided to do so.

The research also revealed some green-eyed property tendencies; 11% of the property owners surveyed said they would consider having their property re-valued if they discovered their neighbour’s property was worth more than theirs and 6% would look to extend or redecorate to help ensure their home was worth the same or more. A sneaky 3% even said they would attempt to secure a friendly invitation into their neighbour’s home in order to find out why it was worth more than their own.

Samantha Baden, property analyst at FindaProperty.com, said: "This research confirms that we are a nation of nosey neighbours, but this is actually a good thing. Regardless of whether you’re looking to buy, sell or just browse for your dream home, gathering as much information about your local property market and home values is crucial.

"There are so many opportunities for homeowners to add value to their property, both inside and out, so there’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from neighbouring homes.

"While there’s no doubt that people in the UK have a love affair with all things property, the market can still be unpredictable, so it’s vital that those looking to buy or sell do their homework first."

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0 thoughts on “Millions use estate agents and property portals to snoop

  1. John Michael says:

    We should all be property conscious, as this is probably our largest financial asset, and therefore we should take the time and effort to ensure we maximise the true financial potential of our homes. Snooping on the Jones’s to keep up with the Jones’s is not a bad thing, as it can further enhance our lifestyles and the environment by encouraging updating and modernising of our homes. As an agent we can only give an opinion on the price of a property, and ultimately we are legally responsible to the vendor to achieve best possible price. However it is also about meeting people’s expectations, the buyer and the seller, and therefore first impressions do count. The homeowner has a responsibility to themselves to ensure that their property is market ready so that quality photos can be taken by the estate agent, if a room is untidy then it would wise not to photograph this room. The property needs to be presented in the best possible way. So people having a sneak peek at their neighbour’s property is not a bad thing, as this can have a positive outcome.