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Britain’s ‘knowsiest neighbours’ revealed

With information as a valuable commodity, those ‘in the know’ about local house prices and trends are likely to have a significant advantage when transacting in the property market.

The latest data reveals that homeowners in Harpenden, Pinner and Reigate are the ‘knowsiest neighbours’ in Britain (most in the know about local property values) whilst residents in Aberystwyth, Birkenhead and Saltburn-by-the-Sea are the least ‘knowsey neighbours’ (least bothered about keeping track of local property prices).

Also revealed is the ‘knowsiest street in Britain’, Newton Road, Birmingham, B43, where residents regularly checked the value of their own homes and neighbouring properties on Zoopla.co.uk more frequently over the past 12 months than anywhere else in the country. The data from Zoopla also shows that ‘knowsiness’ increases with property values with most of the ‘knowsiest’ streets and areas having property values well above the national average.

Nicholas Leeming, Business Development Director of Zoopla.co.uk comments: “As a nation obsessed with property values, it is clear there is an advantage in staying ‘in the know’. Knowing when to buy or sell and how much to pay or ask is the key to a successful property transaction and can avoid the pitfalls of overpaying or being stuck for longer than expected.”

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