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Snapshot of UK housing crisis exposed

The drop is despite recently released Government figures showing that the number of families in the area will increase by an average of 1840 each year up to 2033.

These additional households will put added pressure on housing in Kirklees where there are currently over 11,000 families on the council’s list for social housing – almost double the number in 2000.

Meanwhile, in that time Kirklees’ house prices have soared and are currently running at over five times average income.

This, combined with a lack of mortgage availability is particularly hitting beleaguered first-time buyers, requiring them to find deposits of around £20,000 to buy a home. Clearly this is out of the reach of most, forcing them to stay with parents or rent and possibly delay starting their own family.

The report also shows the financial rewards Kirklees would receive from building the homes it clearly needs. The Government’s new incentive for house building, the New Homes Bonus, could see funding for the area increase significantly at a time when grants across all service areas are being slashed.

If enough homes in Kirklees were built to meet household projections the area could see around £16million extra funding every year and 2750 jobs created.

Stewart Baseley, Executive Chairman at HBF said: "Kirklees is suffering from a serious under supply of housing. It is crucial that more homes are built, particularly for younger families and first-time buyers.

"On top of the obvious social benefits, building the homes the area needs would create thousands of jobs and bring in millions of pounds from central government."

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