What should be in the Budget to boost housing market?

With national debt mounting, is there really enough money in the economy to boost house sales and get developers building again? Or should there be no intervention – leaving market forces to their own devices?

We want to know what you think the Chancellor will include in the Budget that will have a real impact on the property industry.

Tell us your suggestions for getting the property industry back on track using the comment section below

0 thoughts on “What should be in the Budget to boost housing market?

  1. Ex-Pat

    Realistically the only way most of us can afford to buy new homes, cars or luxury goods is by borrowing money. For any sort of “recovery” lending has to be available again. People will need to regain confidence in financial institutions before they commit to borrowing large sums and equally lenders have a responsibility to ensure debt is manageable by the borrower. Perhaps our long term aim should be to eliminate the debt culture of this country and take inspriration from other countries where debt is frowned upon.