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Location star Phil predicts ‘almighty bounce’ in housing market

"Things are going to get very busy," he said.

"The longer the downturn lasts, the greater the shortage of housing is going to become. It adds weight to my belief that at the end of all of this, there is going to be an almighty bounce in terms of activity and pricing levels."

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0 thoughts on “Location star Phil predicts ‘almighty bounce’ in housing market

  1. smell the coffee says:

    Phil Spencer is a TV presenter, no? What qualifies him to have any valid opinion on the overall property market? Oh yes, he is Director and founder of Garrington Property Finders which is … err…. failed….

    Bounce? Talking out your Kent, Mate!

  2. Peter Rollings says:

    Phil Spencer sees the property market across the whole country and as a commentator has a valid opinion.
    Here’s a few facts to add weight to his comments: the housebuilding industry has ground to a halt with even the most optimistic commentators predicting 60-70,000 properties being built this year (the Government have indicated they want 220,000 built each year for the next 10 years). The population is still growing and some think will top 70 million by 2031. It doesn’t take an economic genius to work out that the supply and demand curves miss by a mile.
    Property prices will rise and will do so dramatically unless the goverment take urgent steps to restart the housebuilding industry