NAEA: Careless talk on house prices could be self-fulfilling

He said that instead, concerned home-owners in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and parts of London should speak to an expert about the situation.

Mr Hayward said: “The timing, route and full impact of the proposed new line between London and Birmingham are all unresolved.

“I would urge everyone to remain calm and at this stage in the proceedings to spend time gathering the facts.

“It is not implausible at the moment to see house prices negatively affected immediately because of vocal concerns in areas that may not be affected for years, if at all.”

The Department for Transport has set up a £50m compensation fund for those “severely affected” by the line.

Mr Hayward said: “Concerned homeowners should make a qualified local estate agent their first port of call at this stage to get the advice they need.”

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