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Negative sentiment up for housing market recovery

55% of people surveyed still consider job security a barrier to buying property, followed closely by the ability to save for a deposit, 53%.’

The June 2010 Property Tracker survey questioned consumers as to what they thought the new Government should do to promote home ownership in the UK housing market.  The results demonstrated that there does not appear to be a single preferred solution from a consumer perspective, but clamping down on properties standing empty (36%), remove or reduce stamp duty (33%), more lending from banks or building societies (32%), help in saving a deposit (28%), simplifying the home buying process (27%) were the recommendations with which consumers were in most agreement.

Paul Broadhead commented:

‘The Government has spoken of its support for the aspirations of people to become home owners, and our survey demonstrates that consumers believe there are a range of measures that the Government could now take to encourage wider accessibility to the UK home buying market.  Whilst there is no one stand-out solution we would be happy to help the Government to investigate these problems, and last week the BSA published a summary of a roundtable discussion looking at improving the property buying process for the consumer.’

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