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London market defies national house price dip – haart

The growth of house prices in the capital has been further fuelled by the first-time buyer market. According to the Index, the number of first-time buyers increased by 12.5% during February 2010 with hot spots in Wimbledon, Wembley Park and Southfields.

Russell Jervis, Managing Director of haart, said: "Overall, the figures for February are extremely promising. First-time buyers are always the litmus test of any property market – and the signs so far this year are good. With more first-time buyers coming to the fore, the property market in London now appears to be gaining momentum.

"This should give confidence to sellers as we still need more properties on the books."

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3 thoughts on “London market defies national house price dip – haart

  1. Ashley Bond says:

    Good storey if it came from any other agent. Haart are known for over pricing property only to expect to get knocked down or to tempt sellers on to their books only to call then days after to say it needs to be lower. Today’s news will be tomorrows headlines of ‘Average asking price falling’ or ‘selling price 15% lower than asking prices’.

  2. Major Landlord says:

    Here we go again: another agent trying to talk up a static market using flimsy (faked?) evidence to support spurious claims.

    Anyone stupid enough to make any decisions based on this self-serving waffle deserves everything they get.

    There are lies, damned lies, statistics and estate-agent PR-babble. I don’t trust any of them. There is only ONE meaningful statistic in property: the total volume of sales, year on year. That’s the only true indicator of market health.

  3. Many smart senior people (un-named because their companies are involved in this snake-oil sale) have confirmed this for me, saying “sentiment analysis software? don’t bother”,http://www.mulberryalexa.org.uk

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