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UK housing market strong despite summer dip

That is compared to six the same time last year, and ten in June 2009.

More encouraging is that 22% of last month’s sales were made to first-time buyers.

The NAEA’s July market report also revealed that the number of house hunters is increasing – with 100 more people registering to look for property with each agent than at the same time last year.

On average, an agent had 292 house hunters registered in July, compared to 192 in July 2008 and 290 in June 2009.

Supply of houses remains low this year, with 59 properties available at each branch. This means that there are five registered house hunters for every property available.

NAEA President Gary Smith, said: "Estate agents expect a drop in activity over the summer months, but there is no doubt that the market is in a considerably stronger position than a year ago.

"Agents sold more in July than in any month last year. That is concrete evidence that the housing market, while not recovered, has potentially been through the worst."

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