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Bankers and scientists are UK’s surprise property addicts

The spike in Rightmove website traffic every weekday lunchtime is such a workplace institution that it forms the inspiration for the company’s latest TV advert. The advert launched last week and follows the familiar journey of a young lady ‘dreaming’ about her next home move on Rightmove while on her lunch break at work.

Rightmove director Miles Shipside comments: “While some home moves are carefully planned from the outset, many have more impulsive origins. Serial property dreamers browsing Rightmove can easily be seduced by the property of their dreams and turn the dream into reality. Appropriately the soundtrack that accompanies Rightmove’s new TV advert is Blondie’s hit ‘Dreaming’.”

Rightmove researched the lunchtime trend with a survey of just under 3,000 employees who indicated that they used Rightmove at work. More than 60% of those in science & pharmaceuticals, banking & finance and engineering & manufacturing were found to use Rightmove during their lunchbreak. The most distracted Rightmove users, where more than half admitted to property browsing ‘when I feel like it’ at work, were found in hospitality & tourism. Meanwhile, Britain’s most disciplined workplace home-hunters are in education & teaching and health & social care, which had the highest proportion of employees who browsed Rightmove at the end of the working day.

Shipside observes: “Whether it’s on their lunchbreak, at the end of the day, or simply whenever they feel like it, UK property addicts appear to be able to find the time to browse for property at some point during the working day. Britain’s property obsession was such that just 13% of Rightmove users could honestly say that they never use the site on their employer’s time.”

Rightmove’s traffic at the start of the year drove the company to being the sixth busiest website by UK users according to Experian Hitwise, behind only web giants of Facebook, Google, YouTube, eBay and Amazon. Rightmove finds that around one in five page views are recorded during the lunchtime period of 1200 – 1500 on working week days. This trend formed the basis for Rightmove TV advert which launched this week and is set to the Blondie song ‘’Dreaming’.

Shipside adds: “The professions found to be holding the largest proportion of lunchtime Rightmove ‘dreamers’ were slightly surprising. Although Blondie remind us in the advert that ‘dreaming is free’, it may be that our scientist, banking and engineer users are more likely to have the financial means to move and are therefore are keener to give up their lunchbreaks to see what’s on the market.”

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