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It pays to be odd when it comes to property

Zoopla.co.uk, which provides free value estimates for every home in the UK, reveals that properties with odd-numbered addresses are currently worth £207,202 on average compared to £206,664 for even-numbered addresses. Odd numbered properties are typically located on the left hand side of the street, measured clockwise from the nearest town centre.

The research also shows that the lower the property number, the higher the average value. Number 1 is by far the most valuable address worth an average of £229,411, which is £22,209 more than typical odd-numbered homes and £7,138 more than its nearest rival, number 2.
All house numbers between 1 and 20 feature near the top of the list of most valuable addresses except for number 13. ‘Unlucky’ number 13 houses are worth £203,892, standing at £3,310 less on average than the typical odd-numbered property.

But owners of properties without any numbers have the most to cheer about according to the data. Properties with names as opposed to numbers are worth an average of nearly £90,000 more than numbered properties, with the average named home in the UK currently worth £295,654. 

Nicholas Leeming, Business Development Director of Zoopla.co.uk, said: “Who would have thought that buying an odd numbered home would potentially cost more than an even one? Lower numbered properties have always been popular as #1 and #2 are often corner locations and lower numbers are generally closer to town centres. It seems that a little research can go a long way and if you are not obsessed by numerology and aren’t overly superstitious about which side of the street you live on or the number thirteen, then there might be savings to be had when buying your next home.”

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