UK house prices continue to fall – DCLG

In August UK house prices decreased by 1.3% over the year and increased by 0.6% over the month (seasonally adjusted);

The average mix-adjusted UK house price was £208,476 (not seasonally adjusted);

Average house prices remain unchanged over the quarter to August, compared to a quarterly decrease of 0.2% over from the quarter to May (seasonally adjusted);

Average prices decreased during the year in all UK countries; England (-1.2%), Wales (-0.3%), Scotland (-1.5%) and Northern Ireland (-4.3%);

Prices paid by first time buyers were 1.8% lower on average than a year earlier and prices paid by former owner occupiers also decreased by 1.1%;

Prices for new properties were 9.2% higher on average than a year earlier while prices for pre-owned dwellings decreased by 2%.

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