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Chester Square is UK’s most expensive street

The average value of this street has risen from last year, when the figure was £6,296,000. Chester Square has continued to experience extremely high sales prices in the past year, with the most recently sold property going for £7million.

In 2008, there were four mega‐sales, where properties sold for between £12.2 and £19.7million. These amazing prices helped Chester Square jump to the top of the rankings in both 2009 and 2010’s reports, despite having never before appeared in the rankings.

Price changes for the most expensive properties in the country have been fairly consistent with the middle tier of the
property market.

Interestingly, out of the 20 streets, 12 are located in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

This is the same number that appeared in last year’s rankings, showing that Kensington and Chelsea remains a firm favourite among the rich.

Barnet is the borough that holds the second highest number of streets, with five appearing in the rankings. The other boroughs that appear in the rankings are the City of Westminster (which contains Chester Square, ranked number 1), Haringey (containing Courtney Avenue, ranked number 3) and Camden (containing Queens Grove, ranked number 15).

A number of patterns persist in this year’s rankings, with several distinctive areas dominating the list. The most dominant cluster of streets is located between the Hampstead and Highgate golf courses in North London. These roads are: Ingram Avenue (ranked number 2), Courtenay Avenue (number 3), Winnington Road (number 6) and The Bishops Avenue (number 16). This shows that the area is one of the most exclusive places to live in the country and that high sales prices are not limited to one particular street.

The next highest performing cluster can be found in Kensington and Chelsea, in the SW3 postcode. The streets in this
group include: Carlyle Square (number 4), Chelsea Square (number 12) and The Vale (number 13). These exclusive streets can be found below the South Kensington tube station and are demarcated by the King’s Road to the south and Fulham Road to the north.

The next cluster of high‐performing streets is the group to the west of Gloucester Road and Palace Gate. These streets are also in Kensington and Chelsea, but in the W8 postcode district. It is also demarcated by Kensington High Street to the north and Cromwell Road to the south. Streets here are quiet and leafy residential areas. The group includes: Cottesmore Gardens (ranked number 5), Victoria Road (number 10), Eldon Road (number 14), Albert Place (number 17) and Douro Place (number 20).

The fourth cluster is relatively close to the previous group, in Kensington and Chelsea. The group is located to the east
of Holland Park and to the west of Kensington Church Street, with Notting Hill Gate underground to the north. The cluster includes: Essex Villas (number 7), Thornwood Gardens (number 18) and Upper Phillimore Gardens (number 19).

A small, final cluster in the rankings is in Barnet, NW3. These streets are located between Finchley Road and Hampstead
Heath and include: Eden Close (number 8) and Elm Walk (11).

The only new addition to the list this year is Queens Grove in NW8, which is ranked at number 15.

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