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Expectation of house price rises reaches new high

Confidence in the UK housing market is clearly riding high, with just 13% expecting further price falls over the course of the year.

On interest rates, 38% of those questioned are of the opinion that we will not see an increase of any sort this year. When asked whether they were benefiting from the current low level of interest rates 69% said yes. This is undoubtedly having a positive effect on the market.

Adding to the positive views a massive 87% of respondents believe that now is currently a good time to invest in UK property, and two-thirds are of the opinion that this is also a good time to invest in property overseas. As further evidence that confidence is returning to the market, 85% said that in their opinion property offered the best investment potential of any investment option.

Kevin Wilkes, Managing Director of the Worldwide Property Group, said: "Once again this survey shows evidence of increasing confidence in the housing market. The devastating price falls predicted early last year proved to be far more limited than at first thought, in fact the market has since grown further limiting the effects of any fall in prices. Property offers great investment potential and many people are still choosing to put their cash into bricks and mortar."

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