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Significant rise in house price confidence

Some 68% of those questioned say that they expect house prices to rise over the next 12 months compared to just 57% in November. Interestingly, one in five of these expects the rise to potentially be as high as 10%.

When asked if they are benefiting from the current record low level of interest rates, 69% said yes – again the highest number since the survey began.

But the positive news doesn’t end there because 85% of respondents said that right now was a good time to buy UK property and 66% said that they were considering purchasing a property overseas; also the highest since the survey began and an increase of 21% on last month.

Commenting on the results Kevin Wilkes, managing director of the Worldwide Property Group said: "This just goes to show that people are getting on with their lives and putting economic fears behind them. We have seen a dramatic increase in enquiries over the last six weeks, and with the optimism that a new year brings we have no reason to believe that this will not continue."

This survey clearly demonstrates the underestimated resilience of the property market with 82% saying that property still offers the best investment potential of any investment.

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