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Property premium near Britain’s top golf courses revealed

The most expensive location to buy a property within striking distance of one of Britain’s top golf courses is near to Walton Heath golf course (KT20) where the average property on the market will set you back £541,000, more than £370,000 over the national average. The second highest golfing premium is the area around Wentworth golf course (GU25) where the average asking price today sits at £457,000, £286,000 higher than the national average asking price. Rounding out the top three most expensive golfers’ paradises are properties near to Sunningdale golf course (SL5) where average prices for homes on the market are currently £446,000.

Properties near top golf courses also appear to have been a good investment in recent years. Whilst average house prices across Britain have remained almost stagnant since 2010, property values in the vicinity of Britain’s top 50 golf courses have risen by 7% on average.

Scotland offers a tempting option for more price-conscious passionate golfers where the original home of the sport hosts six of the top ten British golf courses. Average property asking prices near to St. Andrews golf course (KY16), widely accepted as the finest golf course in the country, currently stand at £215,000 – much closer to the national average. Properties near to Western Gailes golf course (KA11) offer the best value for golf lovers looking to live next to one of top courses with average asking prices at just £119,000.

Lawrence Hall of Primelocation.com, comments: “For golf enthusiasts, living next door to one of Britain’s top courses can cost a significant premium, but for true lovers of the game it may seem well worth the price. However it is possible to live near a world-class course without breaking the bank – it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.”

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